Uncategorized The Smell of Success! Scents make sense! Home sellers do everything they can to make their house look as visually beautiful as possible, yet appealing to home buyers’ other senses can be just as important — especially when it comes to the sense of smell. While you may not think your home has a smell to it, freshening the […]
Uncategorized So You Want To Live in LIVINGSTON, NJ? So here I sit, trying to come up with an idea for a new blog, and all of a sudden, the light bulb goes off in my brain (or, what’s left of my brain!)! Having lived in Livingston 26 years, and having raised my son here, as well, I started thinking about why I enjoyed living […]
Uncategorized Home Inspection Time! What Now?? HOME INSPECTION – What To Expect??? OK, so you’ve found a home you fell in love with, negotiated the price, and have signed all the contracts. Next comes the  home inspection…. this can be a source of stress and trepidation, especially for first time buyers.  What if there are problems?? What if the house might fall down around you? […]
Uncategorized Buyer’s Remorse??? Home Buyer’s Remorse – How To Avoid It ! There is a home buyer disease that can strike without warning. Fortunately, it’s not fatal, but it can be serious! You just signed a contract to purchase your first (or second or third!) home, and you have an unexplainable, sinking feeling in the pit of your […]
Uncategorized Sellers Beware!! How NOT to Sell Your Home ! I just got home from a successful outing with new buyers – a lovely young couple looking to buy a first home.  As we walked into one home, I had to fumble for the light switches in every room. I heard myself say to them,  “This is one […]
Uncategorized You Want To Buy A House?? So You Want to Buy a House………….Now What??? You saved up & calculated..…. cut back on vacations and dining out, resisted buying that new couch or  sports car….and the result is (drum roll please…) you have that down payment for your first home purchase! Good for you!!!!!………….Now what??          OK – pull up a chair, […]
Uncategorized Stage It To Sell it! Setting The Stage to SELL Your HOME! Sellers today need to do all they can to make sure their house outshines all the competition. You shouldn’t put your home on the market without preparing it for sale. Some outlay of money might be necessary for painting, replacing or repairing worn woodwork or cabinet doors or […]
Uncategorized Seller’s Famous last Words! Seller’s Famous Last Words………… As a Realtor for 34 years, I have pretty much heard it all – heard  sellers share a lot of the same sentiments over the years. I am going to list some of these famous last words,I have heard from SELLERS, and try to give a response based on my experience, […]
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