The Smell of Success!

Scents make sense!

Home sellers do everything they can to make their house look as visually beautiful as possible, yet appealing to home buyers’ other senses can be just as important — especially when it comes to the sense of smell.

While you may not think your home has a smell to it, freshening the air and filling the home with sweet aromas can do wonders in making a favorable impression.

Most people know the old trick of baking bread or cookies, or simmering cloves and cinnamon sticks, to entice the noses of those looking around a home. That fresh bread smell is achieved by slicing open a large loaf of bread, dropping in vanilla essence and popping the loaf into the oven at medium heat for a half-hour before the showing.

Some also recommend the smell of cinnamon, French vanilla, butter cream or coffee filling the air to perk up those looking around. Ever walk into a house when a fresh pot of coffee has just been brewed? Makes you want to sit down, pull up a chair and stay a while!

“Scent impacts the atmosphere,” said Michelle Bardwell, an aroma therapist in Dallas, Texas. “You can create a delightful but subtle, aromatic space by using therapeutic grade essential oils.”

Bardwell recommends using cardamom essential oil in the kitchen to create a sense of warmth, lavender essential oil for the bedroom to evoke thoughts of relaxation, and a combination of eucalyptus and ravintsara for the bathroom. “This will give the bathroom a fresh, clean aroma, and simultaneously kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces and in the air,” she said. “Put several drops directly on surfaces and wipe down, and you can even put a few drops on the shower floor and in the toilet.”

Scented candles are another way to achieve a fragrant aroma in the air, but there’s not always time to let them burn before a home showing. Electrical plug-in products with fragrance and potpourri pots also are effective.

But…….Keep the scents subtle, and don’t overdo the pine cones and cloves at Christmas time!

Of course, pets odors must be addressed (kitty litter boxes , doggie mats/crates and even bird cages), and be sure to check for smells coming from your refrigerator and garbage cans. Air out a musty smelling basement, too!

If possible,  hold off frying fish or using strong spices when you know the house is being shown the next day!

“You want to send a positive image about every aspect of your home,” Bardwell said. “Kitchen trash does not send a positive message.” Make sure the trash cans are clean and fresh smelling!

Scents register in our brain and frequently remind us of our own experiences. Create pleasant aromas throughout the house to help the homebuyer make a positive connection and a faster sale.

Thoughtful use of these delicious smelling scents just may make the next buyer that comes along…….your buyer!

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So You Want To Live in LIVINGSTON, NJ?

So here I sit, trying to come up with an idea for a new blog, and all of a sudden, the light bulb goes off in my brain (or, what’s left of my brain!)!

Having lived in Livingston 26 years, and having raised my son here, as well, I started thinking about why I enjoyed living here, and what I loved most about that experience.

Voila – a blog was born!

Rather than write in paragraph form, I decided to keep it simple, and list the things I love most about living in Livingston, so here goes……….

1. Everything I need, I can find here – hair salons (Dieci, Antonios, Midtown Salon, Lucios), restaurants for every “yen” you might have – from Chinese to sushi to Italian to Greek to yummy deli and good ole American hamburgers and hotdogs – don’t forget that delicious apple pie at the Ritz diner, too! Some local favorites: Nero’s, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, Tahvma Greek, Dozo and Fan Bistro for Asian /sushi, Eppes Essen for the biggest corned beef sandwich you ever say…..the Landmark (a town icon) nd bagel shops galore, and the list goes on  – if you have a desire for it….it’s here!

2. Price ranges for every budget – with homes ranging from the $300,000’s to millions – there certainly is something for everyone. If you buy an entry level home here, and want to “move up”, you don’t have to move out!

3. Home styles for every preference – you can find everything from traditional colonials style homes to ranches to cozy capes and tudors – contemporary homes with soaring ceilings or majestic brick colonials – you want it, Livingston has it. And, if you don’t want the responsibility of lawn care or exterior maintenance anymore, there are several townhome communities to choose from – The Fairways, The Regency, Cedar Gate and the Livingston Town Center complex which offers several multi and one-floor living designs. The Pointe is an upscale over 55 gated community, and we even have a senior citizen rental complex located on East Cedar Street. The Hillside Club offers newer rentals, and there are  brand new rentals off Eisenhowser Pkwy call ParkVu.

4. Exercise?? You want exercise??  Ok – we have the NY Sports Club or the YMCA, but for no money at all – take a walk around the 1/2 mile Oval – track located in front of our top-ranked Livingston High School. Exercise your eyes, too,  and stop by the impressive Livingston Public Library!

5. Commuting  to Manhattan?? No problem – just hop on the Coach USA bus # 77 , and NYC is less than an hour away. Care to drive instead? It’s an easy drive via Route 280 – less than 30 minutes to the Lincoln Tunnel (ok, so maybe a bit longer during rush hour!)…or, drive to Harrison and hop on the Path train. There is also a Jitney service from the Livingston Mall to the Mid Town Direct train in S Orange – right into Penn Station in NYC!

6. From upscale boutiques and trendy shops….. to dry cleaners, a hardware store (Karig’s),  Walgreens and CVS pharmacies….florist shops….Starbucks (of course!)…..a custom dress designer, gourmet food stores and 3 grocery stores….. even Edible Fruit centerpieces – they’re  all here in Livingston! You don’t have to leave – if you want or need it – it’s here!

Great schools, great shopping, great eating….what more could you want?

Welcome to town!

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Home Inspection Time! What Now??

HOME INSPECTION – What To Expect???

OK, so you’ve found a home you fell in love with, negotiated the price, and have signed all the contracts. Next comes the  home inspection…. this can be a source of stress and trepidation, especially for first time buyers.  What if there are problems?? What if the house might fall down around you? What if, what if???  RELAX – a home inspection is a vital and normal part of home buying, and you will get through it!


Let’s start with what a home inspection is: It is an objective visual examination of the physical structure and systems of the house from the roof to the foundation. The buyer generally pays for the inspection, and it can last from 2-4 hours, depending on the size of the home. The inspection may also include tests for the presence of radon, mold, termite/carpenter ants, and if there is a septic system, that may be tested, too. The inspector is limited to readily visible and accessible items.

While it’s not required that you be there, it is highly recommended. You can observe the inspection, ask questions and learn a lot about maintenance items regarding your new home-to-be! In the 34 years I have been in the business, I have learned so much about how to maintain my own home – lots of helpful hints, too, along the way!

The purpose of the inspection it to notify you, the buyer, what conditions exist that you could NOT see during your tour and visits to the home. You don’t need the home inspector to point out a tear in the carpet, or a broken tile in the bathroom – he is there to discover items you can’t see or know about without  investigation by a professional.

All homes have strong and weak points, If you are buying a resale, remember, there will be items that need to be addressed. Many items noticed during the inspection may be cosmetic – the items of concern should be structural issues. The home inspector works through a long list of potential concerns to identify major and minor deficiencies in the home. A good report will clearly describe the problems and illustrate them with photos.

Here is a general Home Inspection Checklist of items that will be covered:


* Structural elements: walls, ceilings, floors, roof and foundation

* Exterior: grading, drainage, siding, trim , fascia, windows, gutters and leaders, driveway and walkways, patios and decks

* Roof & Attic: framing, ventilation, insulation, age and type of roof, flashing, evidence of leaks

* Plumbing: including toilets, sinks, faucets,  pipe material, showers/tubs – evidence of leaks & malfunction, water pressure will also be checked

* Electrical: main panel, circuit breakers, type of wiring, exhaust fans, receptacles, ceiling fans and light fixtures

* Systems & Components: Hot water heater (age and condition), furnace, duct work, chimney and fireplace, central air (weather permitting – it is usually not checked if temps are under 60-65 degrees, as this can possibly harm the unit)

* Appliances: range and oven, dishwasher, garbage disposal, built-in microwave

* Garage:  walls, slab floor, garage doors and electric door openers will be checked

* Radon Testing – this is a normal part of the inspection, If the reading comes in under 4.0, that is considered within the acceptable/normal range. Anything over 4.0 should be remediated by the seller

  • Underground oil tank sweep. Even if the sellers say there was never an oil tank, it is always prudent to have this test performed. If an oil tank is discovered, the seller should be responsible for removing it
  •  Homes that have well and septic systems also have test appropriate to those systems
  • Check for OPEN PERMITS – always good to check with the building department to make sure all permits for any improvements (even fro many years ago) were properly CLOSED after the work was done and inspected. Your agent can help with this

You will receive a detailed report from your inspector within a few days. Take a deep breath, and read through it. Often, there will be a summary of the important items that were discovered. Remember, you have paid the inspector to discover everything he can about the home, so there will most likely be a long list of items – this is normal. No house is perfect. The items that are identified help you know in advance what to expect. If the items are structural in nature, or troublesome to you, then discuss them with your agent (or attorney) and decide what you would like the seller to address. This is all normal procedure in buying a home. Often, specific experts will be called in to further evaluate questionable items, and give estimates for repairs. You might decide to ask the seller to fix certain things, or, instead,  give you a credit at closing so you can fix them with your own service people. I always encourage my buyers to be reasonable, and not make the items a wish list of upgrades! Sellers can get irritated if they feel the buyer is asking for items that aren’t structural or significant. I believe in asking for items that really matter, and are important. Remember, there is always a solution for every problem. The good news is, the buyer and seller usually reach a happy conclusion that works for and satisfies everyone involved.

Congratulations………you survived the home inspection (and so did the house)!    You made it this far, and you’re almost at the finish line!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the many years ahead of home ownership!


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Buyer’s Remorse???

Home Buyer’s Remorse – How To Avoid It !

There is a home buyer disease that can strike without warning. Fortunately, it’s not fatal, but it can be serious! You just signed a contract to purchase your first (or second or third!) home, and you have an unexplainable, sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that you made a big mistake!


What is this dreaded disease?? Don’t worry – don’t call an ambulance. You will be fine!



It is “home buyer’s remorse“. This can occur twice during the home buying process – after a buyer signs a written offer to purchase a home, or shortly after the sale closes.

You loved your future home when you first signed the contract, but now you’re not sure if you made the right decision. What if you paid too much? What if something happens, and you can’t afford the house? What if there is a “better” house out there that might come along, that you missed? Is this really the neighborhood for you???   There are hundreds of questions and doubts that will run through your mind during this period leading up to the closing. What to do? What to do? This is the biggest single purchase you will probably ever make. Your initial euphoria has now turned into dread and fear, causing you tremendous anxiety. here is my advice……….

RELAX !!!! This is normal, and it’s a simple case of BUYER’S REMORSE ! I have experienced buyer’s remorse myself, and I am  a REALTOR ! It’s natural when making such a big decision and purchase, to second guess yourself. I moved from a single family home to my condo some years ago, and, right after signing the contract (and negotiating what I thought was a good deal for myself!), I lost sleep for several nights wondering if I had done the right thing. Well, I can happily say, to reassure you, I did the right thing! I have been very happy in my current home, it has appreciated nicely (even in this downturn of the market) and I have enjoyed, and will continue to enjoy, living here for many years to come.

HOW TO CURE this disease of buyer’s remorse????

List the pros  of home ownership. Taking on the responsibility of home ownership can seem overwhelming. Remind yourself of all the positive aspects and benefits. Make an “advantage list” – ie. – location, income tax deductions for mortgage interest and property taxes, home inspection results, etc. Review your wants and needs – analyzing the facts that lead up to your decision – this should help you sort things out.

List all the reasons you fell in love with this particular home (location, condition, lot size, neighborhood, easy commute to work, upgrades or potential upgrades, etc) . Remind yourself of all the homes you saw that didn’t work for you! Reassure yourself that you made the best choice possible for your price range, wants and needs. Don’t be afraid to voice your doubts. Sometimes just acknowledging them can help. Also – don’t be afraid to discuss this with your Realtor – he or she has been through this hundreds of time with other buyers. While well-intentioned  friends and relatives offer advice which can be helpful, sometimes this, too,  can be a source of this anxiety.

Whatever you do – do NOT continue to look at other homes. This will only serve to reinforce your doubts, and confuse you further.

The best cure for buyer’s remorse is………………Time! Once you move into your new home, and make it feel like home, you will KNOW you did the right thing.

If it’s any consolation – know that seller’s have their own form of remorse too!!

All you need to do is – Unpack, relax and enjoy your new home and all the wonderful memories you will be creating!!

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Sellers Beware!!

How NOT to Sell Your Home !

I just got home from a successful outing with new buyers – a lovely young couple looking to buy a first home.  As we walked into one home, I had to fumble for the light switches in every room. I heard myself say to them,  “This is one way NOT to help sell your home”!

So……….I decided to compile some  suggestions of what NOT to do when trying to sell your home. These suggestions are based on actual experiences I have had showing homes. In this turbulent market, sellers need to help sell their homes, not hinder the sale….Keep the following in mind if trying to sell your home.

1. Do NOT overprice it! Buyers often say they like a house, but think it is overpriced. They think they should wait for a reduction before making an offer. Show buyers you are motivated to sell – price it right from the start!

2. Do NOT leave the house in disarrayStraighten up before showings. I am not referring to staging a house – that’s an entirely different topic I have addressed in another blog. If you know buyers are coming by, make sure your beds are made, and your children’s toys don’t create an obstacle course throughout the house. Don’t leave breakfast dishes in the sink, towels on the bathroom floor, or closets half opened with clothing sticking out. If you have a cat – make sure the litter box is out of the way and CLEAN! (Don’t cook fish the night before, either!)


3. Do NOT make your home difficult to show! I did not show one townhome today simply because the agent had to accompany us, and she wasn’t available when my clients were. No seller can afford to lose a showing! This seller did. Do NOT put too many restrictions on how or when the home can be shown.

4. Do NOT leave the buyers and agents in the dark! If you know people are coming by to see your home, make sure your shades are open in all rooms and lights turned on (especially on cloudy days). Nothing is worse than having to feel or look around for light switches – that goes for basements, too. By the time I found some light switches today, my clients had already passed through that room.

5. Do NOT  follow the agent and the buyers around! Yes, you may be proud of the that room you painted yourself, or the extra closet shelves you installed – but buyers are intimidated when the seller is nearby. They won’t feel free to discuss the house openly with their agent. Let the agent do the showing – they have a relationship with the client, and know what the client is looking for. Make yourself scarce.

6. Do NOT make your house uncomfortable, temperature-wise, for the buyers.   You may not like air conditioning, but when the temps are over 85 on a hot summer day, make sure your home is cool and inviting. There is nothing worse than showing a home when it’s too hot, and the buyers can’t wait to run back to the cool car!

7. Do NOT have poor photos posted on the internet! The internet is where most buyers begin their search for a home. Your home’s photos are your first line of defense. Make sure they show off your home to its best advantage! I actually saw a photo of a hot water heater posted for a listing recently! What were they thinking ??  Who wants to see a photo of a hot water heater? I have seen photos that were so dark, I could hardly make out what room was being shown. Make sure to check out your photos! If the original exterior shot was taken in winter with snow on the ground, and it’s now spring – have a new photo taken.

8.Do NOT have missing or incorrect information about your home. Make sure any text that goes along with your listing is truthful and has helpful descriptive phrases.  Also make sure to have factual information available in the house for buyers to take – ie, a  brochure or flyer – room sizes are helpful, too. Make sure property tax information is up-to-date as well.

9. Do NOT let your front walk be a hazard zone. Make sure it is free from ice and snow in winter; free from hoses and gardening tools in summer. Also make sure the doorbell works!

10. Do NOT celebrate holidays after they are over! Take down those Christmas decorations or Halloween scarecrows within a few weeks of the holiday! Also, you may have fallen in love with those  pink plastic flamingos while on your trip to Florida, but do NOT litter your front (or back) lawn with them! Numerous statues do NOT enhance the landscape (and keep the lawn and shrubs neat and trimmed. Have tree branches that are brushing up against the house cut back – home inspectors will always point that out in their inspection reports)!

Remember these tips when your house is on the market, and that closing table will be closer than you think!

Good luck!!!               

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You Want To Buy A House??

So You Want to Buy a House………….Now What???

You saved up & calculated..…. cut back on vacations and dining out, resisted buying that new couch or  sports car….and the result is (drum roll please…) you have that down payment for your first home purchase! Good for you!!!!!………….Now what??


OK – pull up a chair, take a deep breath, and let me help walk you through what you need to do to get started.

1.  First you need to decide where you want to live – what sort of community are you looking for?. How much of a commute do you want? Are you a city person, or do you prefer the quiet suburbs? Make a list of towns that might work for you. Drive around or ask friends who might live there. Get a sense of the neighborhoods. Call the board of education, and get school information. Stop in at a local restaurant or coffee shop, and get a feel of the area, and a look at yout potential future neighbors!

2.  Decide if you want a single family home, or a townhome in a condo community. Are you ready for the responsibility of owning a single family home (mow the lawn, paint the exterior, clean the gutters, shovel the snow), or do you prefer to pay a maintenance/homeowner’s association fee, and let someone else take care of the exterior maintenance?  Remember, owning a home involves more than just paying for the mortgage and taxes.

3.  Come up with a reasonable price range.  Make sure to include the cost of property taxes, insurance and PMI (known as private mortgage insurance) if you are putting down less than 20%. If you are currently renting, remember when the sink leaks or air conditioning breaks, you can call the super. When you own a home, you will be paying for those repairs. Make sure to allow for  maintenance and unexpected repairs.

4.   Interview and select a Realtor to work with. Ask friends for recommendations. Check websites, or go to a few open houses, and see if anyone seems like the kind of person you can relate to. You need to feel confident in the agent you select, and have a comfort level, too. You will be spending a lot of time with this person, and you need to make sure they will have your best interests in mind Your agent can also help you come up with a reasonable price range based on your wants and needs.


5.  Sit down with a lender (you agent can help you find one) and let them guide you as far as how the bank will perceive you, and just what programs are out there for you. The lender should run your credit in order to help determine how much you will be able to borrow. Get PRE-APPROVED for a mortgage. Better yet, apply, and have your commitment in place, waiting for you to find the home of your dreams. The stronger you look financially, the more appealing you will be to the sellers. With these figures in mind, along with your lifetstyle needs, you can come up with a reasonable figure. I suggest that you begin your search for a home in the LOWER end of your range. Why stretch or spend more if you don’t have to!!

6.  Ask the agent to walk you through the process for buying a home in your area. I always take time to explain to my buyers, before we begin looking at homes,  just what is involved in the home buying process. Will you need a real estate attorney? How is the closing handled? Can your agent offer you a list of home inspectors, or any other inspectors that might be needed? Get a list of these vendors ahead of time, so that when you find a home you fall in love with, you will be ready to act. Know what to expect ahead of time!

7. Familiarize yourself with real estate terms (check out my  blog relating to this). Understand what the expectations will be as far as escrow  and other contract contingencies (all good words to learn about!!).

Well…… now that you’ve prepped and  done your homework… you’re ready to get out there., and start  looking!

Call Me!

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Stage It To Sell it!

Setting The Stage to SELL Your HOME!

Sellers today need to do all they can to make sure their house outshines all the competition. You shouldn’t put your home on the market without preparing it for sale. Some outlay of money might be necessary for painting, replacing or repairing worn woodwork or cabinet doors or broken fixtures. There are, however, many improvements and “fix ups” that cost nothing or next to nothing – except a little time and elbow grease. These tips can make all the difference in getting your home sold for the best price possible.

Here are suggestions for getting your home ready to do battle in today’s real estate market!

*  Start Outside –  For best overall impression of your home’s exterior, cross the street, and take a look! Make sure walkways are swept, the paint is fresh, windows sparkle, and all tools and toys are put away. Keep garden beds weeded and mulched. Fill potholes in your driveway. Clean paths of any hazards (yes, that includes the hose that has been sitting out there since last summer), and repair masonry. Trim back overgrown shrubs and remove dead plants where needed. Plant or  hang  flower baskets  to add color. Remember: fresh flowers inside and out say “Welcome” ! If you have a deck or patio, make sure any outdoor furniture is clean and presentable. If you don’t have any outdoor furniture, think of investing in some! Straighten the gutters, the mailbox, the fence, and others things that sag. Fix doorbells, tighten loose doorknobs  (outside and in), and oil any squeaking hinges.

*  Less is More – Fewer furnishings, clear countertops and the absence of clutter make a home appear more spacious. Pack up and store excess items. Unless you’re a skilled artist (or your child is), remove artwork (and photos)  from the refrigerator. I have one word for you: DECLUTTER (everything, everywhere) !!!!

*  Shining Example – Make sure your home sparkles and is spic and span. All appliances should be shiny – carpeting should be free of stains. Clean that oven, too, as buyers do peek in. Some house hunters will even look inside your fridge, so don’t forget that when you’re scrubbing! Let your kitchen look warm and inviting, not hectic and crowded. Remove small appliances from the counters, and never leave dirty dishes in the sink.

*  Keep it Light – Remove or replace heavy window treatments to allow in as much natural light as possible. At the  very least, OPEN ALL shades and drapes. Leave lights on in dark areas such as hallways, and remember to replace any burnt-out light bulbs.

*  Color Makes a Difference Neutrals are the best choice for new paint or carpeting. This choice will allow the buyer to more easily imagine their furniture fitting in.

*  Fix It – It doesn’t take much to replace a broken toilet seat or tighten a loose knob. Walk around the house and make note of all the little repairs that you haven’t noticed – the buyers WILL notice them.

*  Take a Sniff – “If they smell it, it’s hard to sell it” say some experts. Do your best to eliminate and avoid home odors of all kinds, including those from cooking, smoking and pets. If you use scented candles, remember, don’t leave them burning unattended.

*  Spiff up Bathrooms –  Remove items like blow dryers and cosmetics from vanity tops. Consider buying new towels, new shower curtain or area rug to give a fresh, “new” look. Make sure grout sparklesregrout or caulk where necessary.

*  Kitchen – Once again, remove clutter from countertops. Limit refrigerator magnets to a chosen few and empty full garbage cans (another source of odors). Organize those cookbook shelves, too!


*  Bedrooms –  Make them a welcome retreat. Consider a new comforter or some colorful and attractive throw pillows (they work great on a sofa, too, for a newer look). Organize your closets – buyers definitely check them out, too.

*  Make Room “Sense” – If you have been using  room for other than its intended use, (i.e. – the dining room is serving as an office area), consider restoring it. Buyers may be distracted by your “unique” arrangement. Feature , with lighting or furniture arrangement, a room’s best feature – a fireplace, a picture window, ceiling beams , a kitchen dining area, etc.

OK – have you done all of the above?? Good for you – you have set the stage for success —  your home is ready to sell………….here come the buyers!

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Seller’s Famous last Words!

Seller’s Famous Last Words…………

As a Realtor for 34 years, I have pretty much heard it all – heard  sellers share a lot of the same sentiments over the years.

I am going to list some of these famous last words,I have heard from SELLERS, and try to give a response based on my experience,  and perspective as an agent.

1.” I’m not going to give my house away”…… Well, the only way you are really “giving it away” is if someone offers you more money, you turn it down , and immediately sell it to someone else for less!! A house is only worth what a buyer will pay for it. You’re not giving something away if no one is willing to pay more for it.

2. “Let them make me an offer”……. Guess what – they won’t – not when it’s newly listed and  when the house is overpriced. Buyers will tend to wait for a reduction to a more reasonable list price before putting in a bid. No one wants to be the first person to give the seller a dose of reality.

3. “But, I need to net XXXX $”……….. Buyers dont care what you need to net, nor do they care what you may have paid for the house, nor do they care how much you need to pay for that new house you want. Remember, it is only worth what the current market conditions dictate.

4  “I just spent XXX $ on new carpet”……Improvements don’t necessarily give an instant return on your money, especially if those improvements are very personal – maybe that bright blue carpet or clown wallpaper in your baby’s room wowed you, but it may not wow a buyer!

5. “I’m not in a rush” – “I have time”……..”I can wait”……You don’t need to be in a rush, but you DO need to be motivated. Why waste your time with an unrealistic price and the hassle of people coming through your home. Price it to sell – not languish! Longer length of time on the market doesn’t equate with getting more money (if anything, the reverse is true).

6. “I don’t have to sell”…. That’s great – so don’t! If you overprice your home, and/don’t have it in tip top selling condition, you won’t sell it!!! If you’re waiting for a martian to land and pay you an inflated, wishful  number, don’t waste your time – it’s not going to happen. Remember,  the bank’s appraiser would have to agree with that Matian’s inflated number in order for the buyer to be approved for the loan.


7. “Let’s just try it at this price for a few weeks”…..”We can always reduce it”…..The most important time in selling a home is the first 2 weeks when you are fresh out of the starting gate and the buyer’s enthusiasm is the highest – that’s when it’s important to make that great first impression – don’t waste that time  as an overpriced listing. It’s so hard to play catch up, and chase the market if you miss that initial surge. It’s like a tidal wave – you want to ride that crest, and you won’t if you start off overpriced.

8. “I am selling this as is – I won’t do any work”……You may feel that way, but if there are structural issues discovered after a home inspection , you will have to deal with them then, or disclose them to future buyers, which may cast a negative light on your home. It’s better to be fleixible about how you will handle repairs, and be open to reasonable requests. You can always offer the buyers an appropriate credit at closing, rather than doing the actual repairs.

9.  “I will not take a penny less than XXX $ “……  Do not paint yourself into a corner – be open to the offers you receive – remember, terms are  as important as the number! Keep an open mind.

10. “I’ll wait till next year to sell”…..OK, if you’re willing to wait a year, then do so. If, however, you think that by waiting you will get a higher selling price – the last time I checked my crystal ball, I couldn’t predict that! Deal with the present, not what you hope the future will hold for you!

11. “My house is better than the neighbor’s house”…..It may be better in some ways, but the price your neighbor got for their similar home may very well influence what you will get. Everyone thinks their home is better!

12. “You didn’t do enough open houses or print ads”…..If only it were that easy! Print ads are the dinosaurs of today – the internet is where  marketing dollars are directed. Close to 90% of buyers begin their search on the internet. Open houses rarely sell homes. They may bring in some new customers for the agent, or allow neighbors to view your home, but as a home selling tool, they are very ineffective (this may vary depending on where you are in the country, but it tends to be rather pervasive). The National Association of Realtors has a graph – a pie chart showing where the buyers come from, with the percentages. Open houses don’t even make the chart!

Here are MY famous last words – It doesn’t matter what I think your home may be worth – it doesn’t matter what you think your home may be worth….(drumroll, please)…….it ONLY MATTERS  what a BUYER thinks it is worth, and will pay for it….. and then it’s up to the appraiser to agree!

Happy house selling – hope your trip to the closing table is a smooth one

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